Connect the Impossible.

At LorCan Technologies, our leading-edge network allows customers to access valuable data located in the most remote regions. Our device withstands rugged outdoor conditions for a longer life with the ability to transmit data over further distances.

The LorCan Data Transference System

Current data collection methods require researchers to return to rugged and harsh field terrain, for manual uploads from environmental sensors. Our leading-edge device connects to existing monitoring sensors and relays the data to our secure cloud platform for easy access and analysis.

Frequent Access to Data

Operate in Extreme Conditions

Transmit over Longer Distances

Secured with Blockchain

Applicable Sectors

Research institutions monitoring our biodiversity and wildlife can connect easily to data from sensors located miles away.

Reduce risks and increase operational efficiencies with accessible data for effective project management.

Oil, Gas, Mining and Logging industries can collect time sensitive environmental data to meet regulatory compliance.

Extend your reach to operate in remote areas with a device that can withstand rugged outdoor environments.

Insights From The Field

We value insights from researchers out in the field to ensure our customers have the best solutions available to them.

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Ryan C. van der Marel, Conservation Advisor – With over 15 years in public sector and consulting roles, Ryan’s expertise lies in large-landscape conservation and cumulative effects management. His work has taken him to remote and challenging field sites in western Canada and sub-Saharan Africa. Currently Ryan resides in Whitehorse, Yukon where his projects focus on the intersection of conservation, resource use, and Indigenous relationships.

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