About Us

It is our responsibility

The world is in a constant state of change. As the footprint of civilization increases, there is a rapid decrease in remote wilderness areas. In order to progress, we must understand and find optimal solutions to protect these environments. There are diverse industries and agencies in various sectors that rely on data for project planning and impact assessments. LorCan was developed as an enabler for agencies, industries and ecosystems to coexist. We seek partnerships with agencies and collaborate with our client base to heighten impacts and reduce risks in these delicate areas.

We share a value system of sustainable practice; we source from sustainable suppliers to ensure sustainable solutions.

Our team is composed of leaders specializing in telecommunications, engineering, and environmental monitoring. We are supported by industry experts from the fields of natural science, design and government who are committed to ensure our technology meets the highest standards. We field test our product in the most rugged conditions, ensuring this data is received when required, providing our clientele with peace of mind and the ability to operate responsibly.

Together, we are forging a healthier future.

Meet The Team

Minelli Clements

CEO & Founder

Krishna Vegiraju

CTO & Co-Founder

Alison Purdon

COO & Co-Founder

Ryan C. van der Marel

Conservation Advisor

Claude Castonguay

Product Development Advisor

Andres Canalizo

Network & Technology Advisor

David Rose

Business Advisor

Doug Sparkes

Technology Advisor

Tim McCoy

Budget & Finance Advisor

Actively working to support the achievement of the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs)